Would You Like to Save $100K to $1M in Taxes?

That’s how we’re helping the American builder build the American dream.

Our CPA Firm will only work with home-builder and construction clients for whom we can potentially minimize tax burden by $100k – and often millions – and can help to grow their profits.

Case Study: How One Home-Builder Saved $1M in Taxes

Frustrated with Your Current Accountant?

If you’re reading this page right now, then you’re probably:
  • Fed-up with your accountant failing to return your calls
  • Concerned that delinquent financial reporting will jeopardize your financing
  • Aware that your accountant has dropped the ball with the IRS, your bonding company or insurer
  • Uncertain what your accountant is or isn’t working on

Why Most Accountants Under-Serve Home-Builders

Most accountants are “generalists”. They work with anyone in any type of business. They will work with lawyers, doctors, manufacturers, restaurateurs, etc.

They are “jacks of all trades and masters of none.”


We’re the Home-Builder & Construction Owner’s CPA Firm.

We exclusively work with home builders or construction companies based in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. We know the building industry better than most.

Fairly quickly, in plain English, we can tell you whether:

nbcpa-x Your current accountant is dropping the ball and leaving $100K to $1M on the table for the IRS, your company structure is at high-risk for an audit, and whether you’re missing opportunities for profits.
nbcpa-y In the rare cases, we discover your accountant is doing an outstanding job with your taxes, company structure, and growth strategy.

We’re Proud American Home-Builder Association Members


4th Generation Home-Builders & Accountants

My grandfather was an Accountant and my other grandfather was in the insulation manufacturing industry right here in the Southern New Jersey area. Building homes and doing a great job for our clients at a healthy profit is in my blood.

Since 1989, my father (Kevin Niedoba), a CPA of 30+ years founded our family CPA Firm. A few years back, I decided to split my time as a custom home-builder and join him because I’m passionate about both accounting and construction. I hope one day my son, William, will also join the business (if he wants to, he’s only 2 years old).

We’ll treat your business like it’s our own, by taking advantage of every possible ethical tax burden minimization and profitable growth opportunity we can, all the while minimizing risks.

On behalf of my family and our amazing team at No Boundaries, I look forward to working with you to grow your home-building and construction business.


Ryan Niedoba | No Boundaries Advisors
Managing Partner

Kevin Niedoba, CPA | No Boundaries Advisors
Managing Partner


Trusted by American Home-Builders

Ernie DeNofa
CEO of Molly Construction (Philadelphia, PA)
“No Boundaries has been perpetually innovative since we started working with them over six years ago. They have devised multiple strategies that have assisted in generating millions of dollars in savings and benefits for our business.”
Bruce Paparone
Founder & CEO of Bruce Paparone Communities (NJ)
"No Boundaries has been a great partner in taking a proactive look at our accounting. They present us with new ideas to help us grow and protect what we have worked so hard to build."
James Bennett
Developer & Investor in Sea Isle City, New Jersey
“You guys are the best. I never realized how much better my accountant should have been doing for me all these years until now. You have continually worked tirelessly to make sure that my businesses are protected and making money. There is no doubt that you have my back.”

How We’re Going to Build Your Profitability


Tax Minimization

We’ll look at all aspects of your business to identify tax minimization opportunities.

For significant tax and risk management benefits, we’ll start by determining the best corporate structure (sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, etc) and accounting method (cash basis, accrual basis, % completion, etc) for your business.

Then we’ll extensively review the tax laws, deductions, and deferrals to identify missed and underutilized opportunities to minimize your tax bill.


Profitability Benchmarking

As certified NAHB trainers, we’ll evaluate your profitability and compare it to the rest of the home-building or construction industry. We commonly see new home builders with gross profitability of 10%-15% when they should be closer to 25% to 28%. There are many factors that can lead to this: lack of knowledge, confusing mark-up and margin, not tracking project costs, etc.

We’ll advise you on innovative strategies to increase your profits.

BONUS: This will help you with positive cash flow and reduce any hassles from your vendors.

Game Plan

We have the exclusive North American license to “Game Plan”; a proprietary management accounting tool.

With this tool, we’ll quickly analyze 100s of financial data points
and produce a report with 13 metrics to predict your company’s health, risk factors both short and long term, and likelihood of bankruptcy.

Understanding the health of your business, means you can take more calculated-risks in growing the business through building more homes or winning more work.

We’ll provide you a monthly “Game Plan” report.


Awesome 8

Our focus is on making our customer’s business better, faster, and stronger. This is done via our annual firm-wide “Awesome 8” review and by working with builders on:

  • Growth: Strategies to increase revenue and size of the business.
  • Profitability: How to yield more profit per dollar.
  • Cash Flow: Better manage cash flow (highs and lows).
  • Asset Protection: On hard earned money from risk exposure (liability and seizure).
  • Tax Minimization: To minimize tax paid.
  • Financial Retirement: Ensure adequate plans and resources for an abundant financial retirement.
  • Succession: Create a “salable” business that ensures a successful transition to the next generation of ownership.
  • Legacy/Estate: A functional plan to take care of families and accumulated wealth after death.
Never heard of a CPA Firm that does all of this?
Neither had we, but that’s how we’ll get you incredible results!

We Strive for World Class Service

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Call/Email Response
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Schedule of
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Upfront Fixed Fee

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Multiple Points
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Our Recent Awards



Best Online Interactive Tool Award



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Sales and Marketing Excellence Award


Thomson Reuters:

The Rookie of the Year Award

Photo Credit:
Thomson Reuters. Ryan Niedoba (middle) and Kevin Niedoba (right).

Photo Credit: Thomson Reuters. Ryan Niedoba (middle) and Kevin Niedoba (right).

Our Recent Awards



Best Online Interactive Tool Award



Readers’ Choice Award



Sales and Marketing Excellence Award


Thomson Reuters:

The Rookie of the Year Award

Switching Accountants Is Easier Than You Think

Switching accountants only seems like a major pain in the butt…
But in reality, it’s a brief communication with your current accountant:

“It’s time for a new direction. Please send my books over to Kevin & Ryan at No Boundaries. Thank You for your service.”

Your accountant is professionally mandated to provide your books to whomever you request they go to. It’s really that easy.

Book Your Free Consultation

If you’re looking to grow your business and willing to listen to new and better ideas, then we’re the trusted advisors for you.

During our initial consultation, we’ll review your immediate needs and provide a course of action with a fixed fee quote.

Book your free home-builder/construction business consultation now by calling (302) 309-8040 | (267) 310-1717 or book online.

The Only CPA Firm with a Pricing Guarantee

Our pricing guarantee is simple: If we don’t quote you upfront for the work, we don’t expect you to pay. Whether that’s in our first engagement with you, or it’s in 20 years from now.
You’ll never receive an unpleasant surprise in our invoicing.

Our guarantee makes it a no-brainer to work with us.

Schedule your one-on-one call with one of Partner-Level Accountants now.

“No Boundaries has been a great partner in taking a proactive look at our accounting. They present us with new ideas to help us grow and protect what we have worked so hard to build.”

Bruce Paparone
Founder & CEO of Bruce Paparone Communities


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